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Trailhead Profiles and Social Logins announced by Salesforce
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Trailhead Profiles and Social Logins announced by Salesforce

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Salesforce has announced new updates to its online learning platform Trailhead, that could reinvent the resume as we know it.  

Trailhead helps developers catch the eye of recruiters and hiring managers by showcasing the specialized skills they’ve acquired in their efforts to land the high-quality jobs they’ve been preparing for. 

Updates include:

- Trailhead Profiles: In addition to a list of completed badges, profiles will include all of the points earned from Trailhead challenges; the number of trails completed; and personal information such as job history and product expertise -- showcasing a well-rounded view of that journey. 

- Trailhead Social Login: Trailhead’s brand new social login capabilities, allow people to sign into Trailhead via Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, ensuring that if they leave a job or an employer, their points and badges will always be with them.

Read more: https://medium.com/@salesforce/new-trailhead-profi...


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