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New data from Fiksu shows Android value is rising

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10/11/2016 1:09:00 PM
New data from Fiksu shows Android value is rising
Posted Tuesday, October 11, 2016 by Christian Hargrave, Assignment Editor

New data from Fiksu shows Android value is rising
Android and iOS have been competing for mobile marketing dollars for years. Fiksu DSP has spent nearly half a decade tracking costs and measuring competition across the ecosystem through its indexes, helping marketers interpret and understand the trends. Fiksu DSP’s new iteration of its indexes, to be released every month, measures month-over-month and year-over-year changes, on both iOS and Android, on two separate metrics. 

The CPM Index measures the cost per thousand ad impressions across a wide range of exchanges and ad formats, while the new Cost per Purchase (CPP) Index shows the relative price required to capture an app user who takes a targeted action, which is usually a purchase but can be a registration or subscription in some apps. 

“What we’re seeing today is really a story of maturation,” noted Tom Cummings, vice president, new market development at Fiksu DSP. “Our data suggests that as both operating systems mature, marketers are growing increasingly willing to invest a greater portion of their budget in marketing on the Android platform. Meanwhile, marketers and developers know what they’re getting with iOS, so while iOS is still strong and stable, it’s not experiencing the growth that Android is.”


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