10/10/2016 12:07:46 PM
Syncano makes it's dashboard open source
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Syncano makes it's dashboard open source

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Open Source Monday, October 10, 2016

Syncano has open-sourced its Dashboard platform, so that more developers will be able to access the libraries and repositories to help them build apps faster.
Up to now, Syncano’s Dashboard has been a private project. With the company’s release of the Dashboard on GitHub, a new repository has been created that allows contributions, pull requests, and issue requests from any developer with a GitHub account.

Developers can also:
- Contribute their own development ideas to the project

- Help identify bugs or other issues

- Improve the code of the application

- Implement features they see as important

The Dashboard is mainly written in React, because it is well-suited to applications using data that changes over time,  it makes it very easy to build reusable components, and it works well with other technologies. Open-sourcing the Dashboard is part of the initial vision of Syncano, which has already open-sourced all of its libraries and home page, even from their beta versions.

By open-sourcing Syncano’s Dashboard, the company also seeks to find gifted developers – either for possible employment opportunities or Ambassador Program opportunities. As an added benefit, It opens up two-way transparency, where developers have the chance to learn from Syncano’s code, and Syncano gains a window onto what features and functions are important.

Read more: https://github.com/Syncano/syncano-dashboard

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