New app provides real-time visibility into inventory, in transit and on hand

Posted 10/5/2016 8:00:22 AM by CHRISTIAN HARGRAVE, Writer

New app provides real-time visibility into inventory, in transit and on hand
Elementum, a platform that connects companies to supply chains, has expanded its field of end-to-end supply chain apps with the release of their latest app named the Inventory app.

The Inventory app now has the capabilities to:

- Acquire Inventory from suppliers worldwide

- Ship their inventory them to their needed warehouses

- Manage all of their available inventory on a user platform

The newest updates on the app will allow their users to quickly sharing real-time information between both members of any supply related transaction. The Inventory app will be powered by the world’s Product GraphTM —a digital mapping of the global product economy. The Product GraphTM will deliver collective intelligence to capitalize on the power of the company’s cross-industry graph —spanning healthcare, consumer, technology, auto, and industrial verticals.

Added features also include:

- Centralizing shipment, carrier, and route performance for better SLAs meaning reducing inventory in-transit, on-hand, and at distribution centers

- Benchmark and optimize carrier selection based on performance to drive efficiency

- Proactively monitor logistics disruptions

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