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Find common web page display problems on mobile phones with Mobile1st

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Posted Wednesday, October 05, 2016 by CHRISTIAN HARGRAVE, Assignment Editor

Find common web page display problems on mobile phones with Mobile1st
Mobile1st has announced the launch of a new product to give web professionals and marketers a new tool for improving mobile user experience and conversion opportunities on mobile devices. 

Mobilizer delivers an instant, side-by-side snapshot of what customers actually see on 14 of the most popular mobile devices such as the new iPhone7 

Currently, it’s common for many companies to test content only on the mobile devices they happen to have in their own pockets or they have a “testing lab” of just a handful of devices that don’t represent the key mobile devices, operating systems, or mobile browsers that their customers are using. When they in fact view how web pages appear across devices, they have to look up each page one device at a time. It is ineffective in comparison to the experience of using Mobilizer. Mobilizer lets you see in seconds any web page displayed simultaneously across 14 devices side-by-side for easy comparison of pages across devices.

Mobilizer’s beta product has become an essential mobile UX optimization tool for more than 150,000 users around the world, including at firms like Apple, 3M, and Facebook. 


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