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W3C Web and Virtual Reality Workshop October 2016

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9/27/2016 1:02:37 PM
W3C Web and Virtual Reality Workshop October 2016
Posted Tuesday, September 27, 2016 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

W3C Web and Virtual Reality Workshop October 2016
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) invites Web developers working in Virtual Reality to attend a Workshop on 19-20 October in San Jose, California. W3C Workshops bring together Web experts to explore use cases and requirements for potential Web standards work. 

Anticipated topics to be covered at the W3C Web and Virtual Reality Workshop may include: 

- Displaying stereoscopic content
- Detecting & adapting to characteristics of VR headsets
- Handling new and heterogeneous input methods for VR (gamepad, hand position, …) and how applications can handle the wide variety expected on the Web
- Accessible user interfaces and interoperability considerations across VR applications
- Innovative VR applications that provide novel accessibility supports
- 3D audio
- 3D media synchronization
- Declarative 3D scenes and 3D scene graph APIs
- Interoperable formats and codecs for 3D and 360 content
- Displaying and interacting with 360 video and images from HTML
- Bringing VR as progressive enhancement to classic Web browsing
- 3D video capture (3D camera) and processing (e.g. scene perception)
- Streaming 3D/360 content, streaming real-time 3D content
- Obstacles to high framerate rendering of 3D and better support for low-latency input, processing, and rendering in the Web context
- Intersection of needs for VR & AR in the Web Platform (note that AR is not the main focus of the workshop, but the program committee will consider papers that provide insights on how the two fields overlap in the context of the Web Platform)


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