HPE AppPulse Web Released to Help You With User Experience Problems

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Posted 9/20/2016 4:04:23 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

HPE AppPulse Web Released to Help You With User Experience Problems
Hewlett Packard Enterprise just released HPE AppPulse Web, a new web-based module for HPE’s Application Performance Monitoring (APM) software solution - HPE AppPulse Suite.

HPE AppPulse Web helps developers quickly analyze, identify, and correct problematic areas of the user experience by providing them with a holistic view of key performance monitoring analytics that connects them to faulty backend services and defective lines of code.

Key features of HPE AppPulse Web include:

- FunDex Score - Provides a single user experience score based on page load times, AJAX HTTP errors and JS errors to measure user experience trends and improve the health of the application.

- Perceived Page Load Time - Identifies page load times from the user’s perspective to understand the length of time from initial request until the page is perceived to be rendered.

- Page Views with Errors by Type - Pinpoints the specific pages with inaccuracies to underscore which were impacted by AJAX, HTTP or JavaScript errors.

- End-to-end Isolation of Performance Issues - Drills from slow load times or AJAX calls to the line of code on the server side with HPE AppPulse Trace.

Availability and Additional Information

AppPulse Web is available now along with the latest versions of AppPulse Active, AppPulse Trace and AppPulse Mobile. Additional updates to the AppPulse Suite of products include:

- AppPulse Active - Integrated with HPE Mobile Center to enable applications teams to run scripts of user sessions on a wide variety of devices hosted in the Amazon Device Farm and to quickly find flaws in the user experience and improve the UX. 

- AppPulse Trace - Introduction of Application & Services Health for visibility into the health of disparate micro services in terms of response time, failures and throughput for detection of service problems.

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