Flowroute Releases New SMS Messaging Capabilities Offered Through a Single API

Posted 8/17/2016 3:00:20 PM by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

Flowroute Releases New SMS Messaging Capabilities Offered Through a Single API
Flowroute has released a new platform to help developers offer carrier-grade messaging capabilities within their applications and services. The new SMS capabilities enable developers to simplify the integration of text messaging into their offerings. 

By unifying calling and messaging on a single phone number, through one provider with a single API, companies are able to create customer experiences that deliver consistent, personalized interactions leveraging both voice and text-based communications.

The first three application modules, written in Python, include phone number masking, two-factor authentication, and appointment reminders. The program is designed to speed the implementation of SMS messaging into applications as the initial application containers include:

- Phone number masking: Through SMS proxying, developers can buy and provision from a pool of text-enabled phone numbers to anonymously bridge concurrent buyer-seller interactions. This is essential in marketplace application use cases which require anonymous communication via text messaging.

- Two-factor authentication: This provides an extra layer of security for users by applying two-factor authentication within web and mobile applications. By providing developers with a high degree of configurability, interactions are secured by sending and validating a PIN via SMS.

- Appointment reminders: Developers can enable applications to send appointment reminders and confirmation messages to users via SMS.

Developers can access the application containers and documentation at the Flowroute Developer Portal.

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