Sencha Teams with Speedment to Improve Web Application Responsiveness

Posted 8/5/2016 1:19:46 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Sencha Teams with Speedment to Improve Web Application Responsiveness
Sencha is now working with Speedment to help developers improve the performance of data-intensive web applications. Under the partnership, the companies are providing access to of Ext JS, Sencha’s JavaScript platform for building data-intensive, cross-platform web applications, and Ext Speeder from Speedment, a tool that can reduce time to market for Ext JS projects, while helping to improve application responsiveness. 
The partnership helps developers who are working with, exploring and visualizing extremely large data sets and rapidly developing fast cross-platform web applications. Sencha’s platform utilizes web technology including– HTML5, CSS and JavaScript – to build universal web applications that can run on desktops, tablets and smartphones, while Speedment helps backend developers to convert their large relational databases into in-memory Java objects that can speed up data access by orders of magnitude. 

Speedment states that Ext Speeder provides the ability to perform data queries against databases that contain up to 100 million elements, often in as little as ten milliseconds. Speeds are achieved through the remote, in-memory object cache, reducing query times by as much as a factor of 10 without impacting load in the application frontend or on backend database servers. Backend developers no longer need to implement and maintain REST API paths because the solution automatically creates comprehensive REST API endpoints from the relational database supporting the Ext JS application. 

Ext Speeder can be deployed as a standalone utility for database acceleration in a standard J2EE environment such as Oracle WebLogic or Tomcat. Ext Speeder currently works with Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB databases.

Ext JS offers developers a set of pre-tested and integrated components and allows developers to visualize and analyze the complex data sets and deliver the right user experience on any device.

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