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Mobile Marketing Consultant mCordis is Launching new Native App Marketing Course
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Mobile Marketing Consultant mCordis is Launching new Native App Marketing Course

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Marketing & Promotion Thursday, July 28, 2016

mCordis has announced a new portal for online mobile marketing training courses. The first course available will be “An Introduction to Native Apps,” sponsored by app development company stable|kernel. The Native Apps course starts August 1 and will be available free of charge. Registration is available here.

The short course provides an overview of native mobile applications. It explains why they are important, how they are developed, launched and marketed. The course (30-minute) is split into nine short video modules:

- Introduction
- Scoping Apps
- Designing Apps
- Developing Apps
- App Monetization
- App Store Optimization (ASO)
- App Analytics
- App Promotion
- Further Learning

mCordis will be offering additional courses in the future with the next course announcement scheduled some time in August.

Read more: http://www.mcordis.com/


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