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Hazelcast and Heimdall Data Launch New SQL Optimization Solution

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Posted Friday, July 22, 2016 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Hazelcast and Heimdall Data Launch New SQL Optimization Solution
Hazelcast and Heimdall Data have introduced a new integrated solution that addresses on-premise or cloud application uptime and scalability caused by deficient application-to-database interaction. The new solution combines Heimdall Data and Hazelcast’s In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) to provide a SQL load balancing solution that focuses on application-to-database challenges.

The Heimdall Data and Hazelcast joint solution addresses a need in industry for optimization and scale at the data access layer. Heimdall Data provides performance, high availability, and security at the data access layer. With Hazelcast’s in-memory caching, the combined solution can speed up applications by reducing the query load on databases. 

The platform caches SQL queries at run-time and leverages performance improvements from Hazelcast caching. In minutes, an application can be optimized, along with the added benefits of load balancing, high-availability with orchestrated failover, SQL firewalling, and performance analytics.


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