Consumers Want Mobile Loyalty Programs But Industry Lags Behind in Offering Them

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Posted 6/24/2016 10:02:30 AM by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

Consumers Want Mobile Loyalty Programs But Industry Lags Behind in Offering Them
3Cinteractive (3C) has released the results of a new mobile-enabled loyalty program study which shows a disconnect between what consumers want and what mobile infrastructure brands are investing in for 2016. The full analysis is available in a new white paper, “The Disconnect Between Brands & Consumers in Mobile-Enabled Loyalty Programs”.

3C presented a mobile loyalty survey to 3,000 consumers and brand marketers during March 2016 to analyze the state of current mobile-enabled loyalty programs. The study shows that 52% of consumers polled said mobile loyalty rewards and benefits motivate them to purchase more often. 

However 65% of brand marketers say they either lack the IT resources for mobile loyalty integrations or admit they lack the knowledge on how to launch a mobile loyalty program. This is at odds with the 71% of brand marketers that say having a mobile-enabled integration drives moderate to significant growth and engagement for their overall loyalty program. Additionally, 84% of brand marketers see a mobile-enabled loyalty program as a key differentiator to their overall loyalty strategy.  

Approximately 48% of Consumers prefer mobile loyalty communications via SMS and text; 22% for email; 20% through app notifications and just 8% for direct mail. 40% of consumers say overall rewards motivate them to join a loyalty program, yet only 12%-15% of marketers would leverage communications to deliver offers and coupons.

The company has also provided its most recent monthly “Mobile Trends to Watch” analysis that takes a look at the rise in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)  beacon deployment fueled by location aware marketing opportunities; the increasing impact of mobile coupons; and a look at the battle between iOS and Android following Google and Apple’s recent developer conferences. You can check out the analysis at the link below.

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