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1/9/2024 2:41:32 PM
3Ready automotive showcase by 3SS at CES 2024
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3Ready automotive showcase by 3SS at CES 2024


3Ready automotive showcase by 3SS at CES 2024

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

3SS will debut 3Ready at CES 2024, redefining personalized entertainment for 28+ global operators. Explore 3Ready Automotive, and witness collaborations with Bosch, Dolby, P3, and TomTom. Revolutionize TV businesses with cross-device 3Ready and cutting-edge Control Center.

At CES 2024, 3 Screen Solutions (3SS), the provider of software for video entertainment services, will have its biggest presence ever, affording visitors multiple opportunities to experience the transformational 3Ready platform that drives next-level personalized and content-centric digital entertainment.

The beating heart of 3SS’ showcase at CES 2024 will be 3Ready, the business-enhancing solution that enables service providers to rapidly deploy and evolve highly engaging and content-rich entertainment offerings. 3Ready powers over 28 operator and carmaker services in 51 markets with a total user reach of over 68 million users.

Empowering carmakers to engage & monetize via in-vehicle entertainment

3Ready Automotive allows carmakers to directly engage with their customers by launching their own on-brand content-rich entertainment hub. The superior 3Ready-enabled experience can scale across existing and new car models powered by Android, QNX, Linux, and any browser-based infotainment platform.

3Ready helps carmakers maximize the benefit of drivers’ and passengers’ time spent in the car by aggregating all video streaming, gaming, and productivity services in one place, made available on every screen. By understanding in-car behavior, preferences, and trends, carmakers can learn more about their customers than ever before, heralding a new era in data-driven insights and engagement.

Award-winning 3Ready comes with multiple global and local content providers pre-certified within the platform. This helps OEMs realize efficiencies in time and effort, and launch faster. Recently announced content partners YouTube, Zattoo, and maxdome are part of 3Ready, alongside Germany’s pre-eminent kids’ content provider TOGGO, and others.

To further accelerate rollout and simplify operations for carmakers, 3SS offers the 3Ready solution as a fully managed service. 3SS can deploy the platform, and run and maintain it including content onboarding and operations, as per each OEM's requirements.

"Without content, a screen is just a screen. Now, with 3Ready Automotive, OEMs have the real opportunity to differentiate by offering a branded entertainment hub. This will be an increasingly important factor influencing consumers’ vehicle purchase decisions. Furthermore, automakers can reap meaningful revenue streams. Not only can they monetize their content offering, there’ll be commercial opportunities via third-party advertising, co-marketing, and product placement," commented Felix Walter, Head of Automotive at 3SS.

"We not only provide a future-ready and scalable platform to carmakers; if they choose, we can also manage the content and commercial aspects for them. We’re incredibly excited to welcome CES 2024 visitors to our numerous partner demonstrations across the show, and jointly explore the many possibilities enabled by 3Ready," Walter added.

3Ready Automotive is pre integrated with leading automotive technology and global content partners

3Ready Automotive is pre-integrated with leading automotive technology and global content partners and will be shown on the booths of five major CES 2024 exhibitors:

  • BOSCH - 3SS recently announced that the highly innovative Bosch Cockpit and ADAS integration platform is now pre-integrated with 3SS’ 3Ready Automotive. This pre-integrated solution accelerates time-to-market for OEMs and relieves them of the requirement to invest time, money, and other resources to develop their own entertainment system. User data captured by the Bosch Cockpit and ADAS integration platform can inform 3Ready’s entertainment recommendations to create a highly personalized and engaging experience.
  • Dolby - 3SS is working with Dolby Laboratories, a leader in immersive entertainment experiences, to enable Dolby Atmos® for video entertainment services in cars. 3Ready Automotive now boasts integrated support of Dolby Atmos immersive sound technology.  Simultaneous to the 3SS-Dolby partnership announcement, German video-on-demand service maxdome became the newest addition to the 3Ready Automotive ecosystem. maxdome will feature Dolby Atmos-enriched programming, to be showcased at CES.
  • P3 digital services - International technical consulting and IT solutions provider P3 digital services will, together with 3SS, demonstrate their collaborative technology platform that brings Android Automotive-powered super-aggregated entertainment to cars. 3Ready integrated with P3’s rapidly expanding SPARQ OS in-vehicle infotainment platform creates a powerful solution to deliver on-the-go video entertainment user experiences that are transformative for automakers and their customers alike.
  • TomTom - 3Ready will also be demonstrated by TomTom, the location technology specialist. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the integration of 3Ready-powered entertainment and TomTom's market-leading mapping technology. 3Ready uses Android Automotive APIs and TomTom Map SDK data points to recommend and highly personalize the content depending on the user’s state and driving scenario. A groundbreaking implementation, showcasing how to re-use vehicle data to create next-level onboard experiences.

3SS will offer live, in-car demonstrations of 3Ready in a Google Automotive Services-powered vehicle at CES, and visitors will have the opportunity to experience 3Ready Automotive entertainment directly from the driver's seat.

Helping operators to transform and grow their TV businesses

Helping operators transform and grow their TV businesses

With 3Ready, TV service operators can launch their super-aggregated products fast evolve them efficiently, and seamlessly scale their cross-platform user experience both in terms of subscriber numbers and devices supported.

"Our widely deployed 3Ready TV entertainment platform will be showcased during the show so that more operators can discover how it can help reduce costs and fast-track rollouts by upgrading and managing a unified experience across both next-generation and legacy devices, all with just one powerful solution," commented Brian Jentz, VP Americas at 3SS.

3Ready is already established as the number one software platform for Android TV-powered operator experiences. But today more and more providers are moving to a cross-device design and development approach. Cost-conscious operators today are keen to breathe new life into their legacy Linux or RDK platforms as well as increase reach with apps for smart TVs and OTT streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV, among others. This multifaceted approach is now recognized to reduce development efforts and complexity while enabling faster updates and service innovations.

In addition to enabling speedy building and shipping of features across devices, 3Ready Control Center empowers content curators and marketing teams to improve every step of the customer experience, in real-time, all without the need for any technical expertise.

CES 2024 visitors will be able to experience the latest 3Ready Control Center capabilities including:

  • Aggregate - Enable holistic content discovery with third-party content and metadata
  • Engage - Target, manage, and visually curate the experience of all apps from one place
  • Analyze - Monitor device usage and feature rollouts
  • Optimize - Increase customer satisfaction powered by actionable insights
  • Personalize - Fulfil individuals’ viewing needs with data-driven recommendations
  • Monetize - Enable free or ad-funded business models with targeted advertisement
Highlights of CES 2024

Highlights of CES 2024:

  • Video entertainment experience specialists 3SS will showcase the revolutionary 3Ready product platform on a record number of booths at CES 2024
  • The Award-winning 3Ready product platform is the ideal solution for super-aggregators - including pay-TV providers, telcos, and automobile manufacturers - looking to create their own unique entertainment hubs that provide intuitive access to all content from one place
  • Carmakers benefit from pre-integrated content and technology partnerships, fast time to market, and new monetization and customer engagement opportunities with 3Ready Automotive
  • Future-ready entertainment ecosystem from acknowledged leader 3SS means service providers are freed from technology lock-in, and they benefit from community innovation, accelerated rollouts, reduced risk, effort, and cost while keeping control over the customer experience

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