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SmartBear Acquires CrossBrowserTesting's Automated Cloud Testing Platform

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5/8/2016 8:11:12 AM
SmartBear Acquires CrossBrowserTesting's Automated Cloud Testing Platform
Posted Sunday, May 08, 2016 by Stuart Parkerson, Global Sales

SmartBear Acquires CrossBrowserTestings Automated Cloud Testing Platform
SmartBear Software has acquired CrossBrowserTesting, which offers an automated cloud platform for testing applications written for browsers and mobile devices. The CrossBrowserTesting platform contains more than 1,500 mobile and desktop browsers in over 65 operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows. 

Developers can use the CrossBrowserTesting to test a website’s functionality and design including AJAX, HTML forms, Javascript, and Flash. The platform can also provide Selenium and Appium automation allowing developers to automate actions and assertions on a website against remote browsers.

CrossBrowserTesting will exist as a standalone business inside SmartBear and will continue to operate from its offices in Memphis, Tennessee.


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