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New Bluetooth Transport Discovery Service Released for IoT

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Posted Wednesday, March 23, 2016 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

New Bluetooth Transport Discovery Service Released for IoT
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has released its Transport Discovery Service (TDS), which offers a common framework for devices to discover and connect no matter what wireless technologies they are using. 

TDS allows Internet of Things (IoT) devices to remain available while consuming minimal power. Using the low energy feature of Bluetooth, TDS enables devices to discover one another and the technologies and capabilities they support, all while keeping other power-hungry or high-bandwidth technologies dormant until needed.
Standards organizations will be able to define TDS profiles identifying their technologies, facilitating their discovery and connection. TDS provides the ability for a variety of organizations and technologies to define how Bluetooth discovery will work for them. The service is customizable, allowing it to be optimized for specific uses.
Standard organizations and alliances interested in working with the Bluetooth SIG should contact for additional information.


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