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UserCare Blends App User Support with Relationship Management and Analytics

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2/23/2016 1:06:00 PM
UserCare Blends App User Support with Relationship Management and Analytics
Posted Tuesday, February 23, 2016 by Stuart Parkerson, Global Sales

UserCare Blends App User Support with Relationship Management and Analytics
UserCare has announced the general release of its customer service software for mobile applications. The platform blends user support with relationship management and data analytics. UserCare integrates with an app though an SDK to enable mobile messaging support, self-guided help, real-time rewards, and customer segmentation.

UserCare uses app event data to create customer profiles and segments as well as troubleshoot customer issues. For users, this can mean less effort to describe an issue. It also allows companies to offer more personalized support experiences that takes a customer’s history into account.

Integration through a software development kit (SDK) makes UserCare a native experience within an app offering:

- In-app customer service portal with FAQs, messaging, push notifications and rewards.

- Configurable to match the look/feel of an app. 

- Cloud-based agent and admin interface.

- Support for iOS, Android and Unity.

App publishers get user level data and analytics including:

- Customer chronicle: Interact with a visual timeline view of customer engagement within an app including user sessions, purchases, support events, with the ability to add and track custom events.

- 360 degree view customer profiles: Understand customer usage and behaviors across multiple apps and devices.

- Customer segmentation: Define customer value-based segments to deliver differentiated levels of service.

To facilitate customer service and support the platform offers:

- Self-service Support: Let customers find answers quickly with in-app FAQs.

- Assisted Messaging Support: Help customers resolve issues via in-app mobile messaging sessions.

- Push Notifications: Alert customers to a new support message to bring them back to the app.

- Customizable Instant Bonus/Rewards: Grant rewards that matter to customers to foster loyalty.

- Agent Workbench Reports: Stay on top of inbound tickets, manage support staff, and understand team productivity.

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