1/30/2016 6:26:38 PM
VoltDB Adds Geospatial Support to Its Operational In-Memory SQL Database
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VoltDB Adds Geospatial Support to Its Operational In-Memory SQL Database

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Saturday, January 30, 2016

VoltDB has released VoltDB v6.0, the latest version of its operational in-memory SQL database for fast data ingest/export. Now offering geospatial support, Version 6.0 adds to VoltDB’s in-memory parallel database architecture that scales transactions and analytics linearly while maintaining data consistency and high availability. 

VoltDB Version 6.0 provides a transactional low latency/high throughput database that facilitates transactional applications requiring real-time responses and data consistency to stream processing applications that require per-event decisions. Applications powered by VoltDB are prevalent in the mobile, media, Internet of Things (IoT), digital advertising and financial verticals.

Examples of uses of the VoltDB technology include applications that process hundreds of thousands to millions of interactions with mobile subscribers per second; determine when to make in-game offers to MMPG (massively multiplayer playing game) players; compute, track and display real-time, regulated pricing and purchase data for broker-trader firms; serve the right ad, at the right time, to the right consumer while managing ad-spend budgets; and make decisions at millisecond speed for utilities determining electric-grid supply allocation and pricing. 

New features to the platform include:

- Geospatial query support for applications that rely on location for social and commercial interactions, e.g. real-time ride-sharing, IoT sensor data management, digital ad delivery, content delivery, geofencing applications and social media monitoring.

- Improved fast data ingestion and export connections to broaden support for the Hadoop ecosystem, including enhanced, built-in Kafka importers to simplify and speed application development and improve overall system reliability and improved Elasticsearch exporters to enable extensive full-text searches on processed data in a VoltDB cluster.

- Cross data center “active/active” replication to improve availability and disaster recovery while increasing application performance for geographically-distributed workloads, essential in the telecommunications industry and other verticals where globally-deployed applications must be supported in multiple datacenters.

- Simpler, faster deployment via improved management and usability with the VoltDB Management Center, including enhancements to cluster administration, workload balancing and monitoring.

Other features of note include the ability for VoltDB to support rack-aware partitioning, providing to specify how partitioned data is placed across cluster’s machines, which is helpful for tuning high availability on server racks or VM farm machines. VoltDB has also added the ability to create and restore per-table snapshots. The VoltDB database now supports per-query timeouts and will also automatically switch the database into read-only mode when a memory usage threshold is reached or when disk-durability cannot be maintained due to drive hardware failure.

Read more: https://voltdb.com/products/whatsnew

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