DreamFactory Releases New Commercial Package of its REST API Backend

Posted 1/5/2016 12:02:14 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

DreamFactory Releases New Commercial Package of its REST API Backend
DreamFactory has released DreamFactory Enterprise, a new commercial package of its REST API backend. It runs on a Linux server and includes the DreamFactory open source runtime for instant deployment allowing development teams to provision, govern and report on DreamFactory instances.

DreamFactory Enterprise facilitates hosting a number of DreamFactory instances on a single server cluster. A cluster is a set of assigned web servers, app servers, and database servers. Developers can use the web console or command line to set up different clusters, such as development clusters, test clusters, and production clusters.

Other capabilities include:

- Instance management: An "instance" is the DreamFactory open source runtime. It is common to deploy multiple instances, for example separate instances for development, test and production. DreamFactory Enterprise allows users to run many instances on the same server cluster.

- API reporting with ELK: DreamFactory Enterprise comes with the ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) for API logging and reporting. All API calls are automatically logged and searchable with Elasticsearch. Kibana provides reporting features and pre-built dashboards to view API traffic by cluster, instance, application, end user, API endpoint, and more.

- API management: DreamFactory Enterprise provides the ability limit policies at the cluster, instance, and individual user level. Each instance adheres to API limit policies and dynamically throttles API call traffic at runtime. This provides protection against unwarranted API calls (eg. DDoS attacks).

- User management: DreamFactory Enterprise enables architects, engineering managers, and IT to manage team access to each DreamFactory instance, from individual development instances to large production instances.

A free starter edition can be used to evaluate basic DreamFactory Enterprise features. Subscriptions for multi-instance DreamFactory management and larger numbers of apps and users are priced separately.

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