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New Parse Dashboard Improves Functionality for Developers

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Posted Saturday, December 12, 2015 by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

New Parse Dashboard Improves Functionality for Developers
Parse has completely overhauled and have launched in beta the new Parse Dashboard. The Parse team reports this is a complete rebuilt from the ground up with the addition of tools such as React and Webpack to improve its developer audiences’ workflow experience.

The team picked React as a starting point for the new dashboard based on the tool’s focus on simple components and declarative design which makes it easier for developers to dive right in to a project. 

This year also represented a major shift in the way the Parse team writes JavaScript with the release of Parse+React and the new JS client SDK facilitated by the Babel JavaScript complier. Babel also is integral to the new dashboard workflow process as it offers significant time-saving functionality.

To learn about these and other aspects of the new dashboard, read the blog post here.


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