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Reflection's Beta Platform Provide New Option for Market Analytics of App Categories

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Posted Tuesday, November 10, 2015 by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

Reflections Beta Platform Provide New Option for Market Analytics of App Categories
New Startup Reflection has released its app market intelligence platform in beta to help developers understand what apps to make, where to market, and identify the strategies and revenue models that achieve the best results. Reflection provides access to daily data for the top 200 apps in all available countries, stores and categories.

Reflection’s leaderboard platform provides the ability to track accurate download and revenue data and identify what apps are performing best in a specific category. Developers can use the information available through the platform to validate an app idea or business model and discover where to launch to achieve the best performance.

The platform helps analyze comparable products to identify and app's potential for revenue and downloads. Through the platform, developers can understand how many downloads are needed to reach a target rank in the charts as well as identify which countries generate the most app downloads in a category and determine how to gain traction in those regions..

To join the beta, developers can link their app store account and get started receiving access to data.


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