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Ruxit Releases Ruxit Managed On-Premise Monitoring Solution

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10/27/2015 12:07:44 PM
Ruxit Releases Ruxit Managed On-Premise Monitoring Solution
Posted Tuesday, October 27, 2015 by Stuart Parkerson, Global Sales

Ruxit Releases Ruxit Managed On-Premise Monitoring Solution
In response to requests by companies who aren’t permitted to use cloud-based solutions due to their organizational security policies, Ruxit has released Ruxit Managed, an on-premise web monitoring, application performance monitoring, and infrastructure monitoring solution that provides end-to-end performance metrics for web applications.

With a goal of offering more than just providing a version of their cloud based software that can be installed on-premises or in a private cloud, Ruxit’s goal was to bring the conveniences of their SaaS solution, including ease-of-use, no operational overhead, and fast release cycles, to an on-premises monitoring offering.

Here’s how the Ruxit team explains how Ruxit Managed is more than a typical on-premises monitoring solution:

- Batteries included: Ruxit Managed is a pre-packaged version of its SaaS Ruxit cluster. Made to be simple to install, users can download the installation package and start a new node with no third-party software requirements.

- Full multi-tenant support: For big organizations that want to provide monitoring-as-a-service internally, Ruxit offers full integration with user management systems like Active Directory.

- Data stored on-premises: No data leaves the data center or private cloud. This ensures compliance with data-privacy requirements.

- High scalability: Ruxit Managed shares the same web-scale architecture that Ruxit SaaS relies on. This means companies can scale up to monitor thousands of machines by adding additional nodes.

- Ruxit Mission Control: Each Ruxit Managed deployment is connected to a highly secure management layer and a dedicated support team that’s available 24/7. This means that Ruxit can now manage clusters for companies. 

- Ruxit Pulse: Many on-premises software have longer release cycles than SaaS products. Ruxit Managed works to eliminate this problem - as a cluster is connected to Ruxit Pulse (a continuous delivery service for product updates) companies get the same two-week feature update frequency that’s available with Ruxit SaaS. This allows companies to get deployment-schedule support that fits update requirements.

- Ruxit Experts: Over the last year Ruxit has significantly improved its AI-based diagnostic capabilities but continues live support through a partnership Dynatrace, we can now offer services for tricky application performance problems.


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