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MariaDB 10.1 RC Offers Multi-Layer Security Protection

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9/21/2015 3:09:29 PM
MariaDB 10.1 RC Offers Multi-Layer Security Protection
Posted Monday, September 21, 2015 by Stuart Parkerson, Global Sales

MariaDB 10.1 RC Offers Multi-Layer Security Protection
MariaDB 10.1 RC is the latest version of the open source project sponsored by the MariaDB Foundation which offers a drop-in replacement for MySQL. The MariaDB 10.1 release includes enhancements in the areas of security, scalability, high availability, performance and interoperability.

By layering native database encryption, contributed by Google, in the release of MariaDB 10.1, the platform is helping to create multi-layer security protection. This latest release offers the following:

- Data-at-rest encryption: instance and table-level encryption with support for rolling keys (contributed by Google)

- Password validation

- Role-based access control improvements (default role) and tuning

- High availability enhancements include a best-of-breed solution through full integration of Galera Cluster

- Optimistic parallel replication, all transactions will be considered to be run in parallel, giving another performance boost in master-to-slave replication

- Slave execution of triggers when using row-based replication

- WebScaleSQL performance enhancements

- Query timeouts

- InnoDB improvements such as multi-threaded flush, page compression for FusionIO/nvmfs

- Optimizer enhancements including EXPLAIN JSON and EXPLAIN ANALYZE (with FORMAT=JSON)

- CONNECT engine will have JSON/BSON support


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