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Intel Expands Big Data Initiatives with Blue Data Partnership

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9/9/2015 1:08:52 PM
Intel Expands Big Data Initiatives with Blue Data Partnership
Posted Wednesday, September 09, 2015 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

Intel Expands Big Data Initiatives with Blue Data Partnership
Intel and BlueData have announced another that Intel has made its third equity investment into Blue Data and is formally entering a technology and business collaboration with the company.

BlueData has developed technologies to run Hadoop and Spark in a virtualized environment with compute and storage decoupled, providing a cloud-like experience for on-premises big data deployments. With BlueData EPIC software, companies can spin up virtual Hadoop or Spark clusters providing on-demand access to applications, data and infrastructure.

The new relationship will bring together BlueData’s infrastructure software for big data with data center architecture based on Intel Xeon processor technology to accelerate the adoption of big data solutions by simplifying deployment. This builds upon Intel’s existing investments and initiatives in the big data market, including Intel’s collaboration with Cloudera for Apache Hadoop as well as recent projects focused on Apache Spark.

BlueData will develop and optimize its big data infrastructure software for Intel architecture. In turn, Intel will focus its engineering and marketing resources on the joint engineering roadmap and joint customer acquisition. Additionally, the companies will execute joint market strategies that include coordinated product, channel and sales programs.
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