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Wake's Cool Tool to Share Work Through the App Design Process

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Posted Thursday, August 20, 2015 by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

Wakes Cool Tool to Share Work Through the App Design Process
Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. And in recent startup Wake’s case, the idea is pretty straightforward – allowing designers to share work and discuss ideas with their team throughout the app design process.

Why create the tool? Here is what Chris Kalani, co-founder and CEO of Wake says, “The benefits of allowing your team to passively follow your process are immense. Developers and PM’s are better equipped to do their jobs when they know what’s going on. New teammates can quickly get up to speed without having to dig through PSD’s and dropbox folders. And the overall design continuity of your company will be more dialed in than ever before.”

The tool is available as a web and iOS app that provide the ability to upload images and videos, add team members on the fly, and a bunch of other features that lets teams comment (yes and criticize), make suggestions and otherwise participate throughout the design progression. Ultimately the goal is to slash the time it takes to work through designs.


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