IBM Expands Cloud Services with Compose Acquisition

Posted 7/28/2015 2:05:33 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

IBM Expands Cloud Services with Compose Acquisition
IBM has acquired Compose which will become part of the IBM’s Cloud Data Services (CDS) group. Compose will expand IBM’s portfolio of DBaaS (database as a service) offerings.

Compose’s platform of DBaaS offerings supports efforts by app developers to build production-ready databases for modern web apps. Compose’s cloud hosted database solutions facilitate database setup, tuning, integration and administration.

Here is what Compose founders Kurt Mackey and Jason McCay had to say to its current customers on how the acquisition will affect ongoing company operations:

- Our business model. We won't be hiring any sales people anytime soon, nor will our customers be getting any unsolicited phone calls from anyone in sales or marketing. IBM really likes how we sell to developers, it's a big part of why they found us intriguing in the first place.

- Datacenters. If you like the datacenter you're in, you can stay there. It's not going away. But, as a result of the acquisition, we will be expanding datacenter options soon.

- Support. Customers will still get support from the team at Compose. And, we plan to expand our support to more regions for even faster response times.

- Pricing. Our prices aren't changing. However, we may (hint, hint foreshadowing) have new product and pricing options for customers in the near future who want even more control over their datacenters and databases. Stay tuned.

- Database technologies. This doesn't need saying, but I'll say it anyway. We will keep running the same databases. And someday, we will offer all the databases.

- Our way of working. We love being a distributed company. Many of us work from our homes and like to occasionally relocate for weeks or months at a time to work in other parts of the world. That's not changing. In fact, this is one of the reasons IBM is good for us. They're the most remote-friendly huge company on the planet.

- To sum up: If you're a customer, nothing is changing. It's simply getting a little more credible.

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