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Marvell Expands JavaScript Based IoT Development Platform
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Marvell Expands JavaScript Based IoT Development Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in IoT Thursday, July 2, 2015

Marvell has added to its solutions for embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) product prototyping with its latest JavaScript offering and two new hardware prototyping products.

Marvell’s JavaScript Sixth Edition contains more than 400 individual changes to make the language more concise, improve performance, and integrate support for modules. Kinoma’s XS6 JavaScript engine, an independent implementation of JavaScript 6th Edition offers:

- A comprehensive implementation of JavaScript 6th Edition. 

- The smallest implementation of JavaScript. Running well on devices with as little as 512 KB of RAM, the power and convenience of JavaScript is now practical on mass market consumer hardware.

- Performance enhancements in the implementation deliver application start-up improvements of 4x Kinoma’s implementation of JavaScript 5th Edition, and efficient binding to native C code connects to OS and hardware features.

Kinoma also has introduced two new connected hardware prototyping products, Kinoma Element and Kinoma HD.  

Kinoma Element 

Kinoma Element offers a very small JavaScript-powered embedded product prototyping platform. Built around Marvell’s MW302 wireless microcontroller system-on-chip that combines a 200 MHz CPU, 512 KB of RAM, and Wi-Fi, Kinoma Element is designed to connect products to the cloud, to mobile, and to other IoT devices.

With a pair of eight pin expansion ports, Kinoma Element is configurable to the ideas and plans of prototypers. It works with off-the-shelf sensors, lights, motors, and actuators, which are programmed with the same JavaScript hardware pins module as Kinoma Create.

Execute in Place (XIP) technology is key to running JavaScript applications on a device with only 512 KB of RAM. The ARM Cortex-M4 with FPU in Kinoma Element saves RAM by using XIP to run native ARM code directly from flash memory. The XS6 JavaScript Engine runs scripts directly from flash memory by implementing XIP for JavaScript byte code. This combination of XIP for both native and byte code frees the majority of RAM in Kinoma Element for application data.

Kinoma Element is designed to take ideas from drawing board, to prototype, through to mass production using Marvell’s microcontroller line. 

Kinoma HD

Kinoma HD is a scriptable stick for developers who want to display visually rich content on the biggest displays. Kinoma HD’s HDMI output plugs into an HD capable display, connecting wirelessly to IoT devices, iOS and Android handhelds, cloud services, and content from web-based apps. The stick is plug-and-play once slotted into a display’s full-sized HDMI port, hooked up to a USB power supply, and connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Kinoma HD is thumb-sized, yet powerful enough to handle rich media presentations of an IoT ecosystem. For example, with Kinoma HD, developers can provide an engaging visual experience of IoT product performance and sensor data.

Kinoma HD has 256 MB of RAM, is connected with Wi-Fi g/n/ac, and has HDMI output of 1080p/720p. Kinoma HD is built on Marvell’s 88DE3006 1.2GHz dual core system-on-chip, which is part of Marvell’s ARMADA 1500 family of video processors found in mainstream consumer electronics products by Google, LGE, Swisscom, and more.

Read more: http://kinoma.com/create/

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