General Availability of MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise Offers Enhanced Data Discovery, Mobile Analytics and Enterprise Security

Posted 6/11/2015 9:31:12 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

General Availability of MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise Offers Enhanced Data Discovery, Mobile Analytics and Enterprise Security
MicroStrategy has announced the general availability of MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise offering new business intelligence functionality with data discovery, mobile analytics and enterprise security.  

Available for Mac and PC, the MicroStrategy 10 Desktop is a new self-service data discovery tool. With built-in templates and support for hundreds of 3rd-party visualizations, users can easily access, explore, and analyze data in just a few clicks and promote dashboards from the desktop to the enterprise. 

The new Operations Manager provides a single, centralized interface for administering all analytics environments, helping save time, more effectively manage projects, and monitor real-time system performance.

MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise the following new features and enhanced functionality:

- Revamped data discovery offers enhanced exploration and visualization capabilities on both Mac OS and Windows. New built-in data wrangling capabilities enable users to quickly prepare data for analysis without using other tools.

- New governed data discovery makes it simple to promote dashboards from the desktop to the enterprise, providing a seamless path from self-service analytics to enterprise BI. 
New native Hadoop access makes analyzing petabytes of multi-structured data easy. MicroStategy 10 offers native HDFS connectivity within a complete enterprise analytics environment.

- Bigger, better in-memory performance lets users put more data on parallel-partitioned in-memory cubes, so organizations can run faster queries across larger volumes of data.

- Completely redesigned HTML5 interface makes self-service analytics faster, more intuitive, and easier to use, so users can quickly connect to any data and drag-and-drop their way to business insights in an instant.

- New Operations Manager enables administrators to save time and drive efficiency by managing and monitoring all of their environments from a single interface.

- Platform security, powered by biometric and multi-factor authentication, provides enhanced security for every method of analytics delivery, conveniently and seamlessly. 

- User verification with a smartphone app replaces the need for users to log in with a password.

- Out-of-the-box employee productivity app, built on MicroStrategy's proprietary telemetry database, gives managers insight into employee activity and performance.

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