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Mobile Action Releases Updates to its App Store Optimization Platform

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Posted Sunday, May 31, 2015 by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

Mobile Action Releases Updates to its App Store Optimization Platform
Mobile Action has releases updates to its platform which provides, predictive tools and insights to optimize App Store performance.  
Mobile Action’s big data engine provides app developers with a visibility score that factors in over 8 billion data points, including category, location, season, market, competitors, organic/paid growth, and more. Based on this analysis, the Mobile Action platform makes actionable recommendations for how developers can amplify their apps’ visibility. 

Updates to Mobile Action platform helps make smarter predictions for optimizing App Store performance. It tells developers the best time to run campaigns, what is going on with their competitors (revenues, downloads, etc.), and the best time to update. The engine provides insights into what is missing from user acquisition strategies, best practices, what channels or tools should be utilized, and the most effective way to allocate a budget. 

The platform also lets developers know the impact that their actions will have. For example, how optimizing for a specific keyword could reduce the average cost per install by 20%. Every recommendation is unique for each app.
Mobile Action provides unlimited app tracking, recommended actions, and the visibility score for free. Premium tools, such as the unlimited download estimations and custom reports, cost a monthly fee that starts at $499US. 


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