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IncrediBuild Boosts Mobile and Cross Platform Development Capabilities for Developers
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IncrediBuild Boosts Mobile and Cross Platform Development Capabilities for Developers

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Wednesday, January 7, 2015

When enterprises require Android compilation tasks and applications in keeping up with competition, IncrediBuild’s latest version 6.0 allows for more developer support for shared projects.

Enterprise organizations have recognized that developers are working under extreme pressures to produce products across multiple platforms, IncrediBuild raises the bar for cross-platform solutions. The release is only a taste of what is planned in 2015 to accelerate multi-and cross-platform development, Eyal Maor, CEO of IncrediBuild, had said.

To address such requirements and provide further support, the solution provider of software development and continuous delivery acceleration technology released its latest version of IncrediBuild 6.0. IncrediBuild 6.0 supports Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015 Preview. IncrediBuild and Visual Studio 2015’s combination of continuous interoperability is possible across multiplatform development for Windows desktops and Windows and Android tablets and mobile devices, Maor stated.

Microsoft’s newest version, Visual Studio 2015, supports cross-platform mobile development and cloud and web development. In addition to cross-platform support it offers IDE productivity enhancements.

IncrediBuild 6.0 helps accelerate Windows and Android Phone development
The IncrediBuild acceleration lets developers build and execute in the cloud and parallel across an entire network. IncrediBuild 6.0 can increase performance, improve developer productivity and speed up development time. Android compilations are faster through parallel compilation which runs at the project level. With IncrediBuild, Android compilations for a task can take up to only 12 seconds. 

In addition to its acceleration capabilities, the latest version of IncrediBuild gives further support for shared developer projects. Developers can build applications for both Windows Phone and Windows simultaneously. Productivity through its cross-platform features allow easy error detections, build visualization and the ability to inspect build output per project, replays and build management are also available.

Visual Studio’s MSBuild's deliver success
Visual Studio’s MSBuild's throughput targets C++ builds for both Windows and Android. The build for cross-platform executed with IncrediBuild allows for maximum utilization of cores remotely, in a single machine or even multiple machines. Through IncrediBuild’s higher throughput, distributed execution scalability is increased.

In addition, enterprise organizations can gain other benefits, including IncrediBuild FreeDev. IncrediBuild FreeDev is the company’s free offering. Developers can benefit by accelerating local Android builds by a factor of 5-to-10 from multi-CPU support. This type of scaling enables more time reduction even with additional agents.

Visit IncrediBuild at http://www.incredibuild.com to learn more. 

Read more: https://www.incredibuild.com/Continuous-Delivery.h...


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