10/6/2014 2:17:37 PM
New Alpha Anywhere Version 3.0 Offers Cross Platform Offline Mobile Business Applications
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New Alpha Anywhere Version 3.0 Offers Cross Platform Offline Mobile Business Applications

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Enterprise Monday, October 6, 2014

Alpha Software Corporation has announced its application development and deployment environment now offers built-in offline support, without added time or cost. This built-in capability in Alpha Anywhere 3.0 allows a transactional business app to operate effectively while disconnected from a network.

With full featured mobile off-line availability, users can work anywhere, anytime, without an Internet connection. On planes, at construction sites, in factories, warehouses and remote sites, and even in major cities, WiFi, 4G, and even 3G connections can often unavailable, intermittent or expensive. Critical business apps – whether processing customer or sales information, or patient, inventory, manufacturing or service data – do not offer their full functionality if they only work online.

New offline capabilities in Alpha Anywhere include:

- Fine-grained control of write conflicts, beyond a simple "last-in" wins approach.

- Data persistence when the business app is closed or the battery dies, including data not saved to the server.

-Built-in support for converting SQL data into hierarchical JSON data sets - e.g. customers, their orders, and the order details.

- The ability to offer offline capability with no additional development time.

Alpha Anywhere is a complete front-end to back-end, prototype-to-production environment to develop and deploy enterprise-level, cross-platform mobile and web business applications. Its low-code approach provides developer-friendly visual tools which integrate custom code written in common computer languages. 

Alpha Anywhere utilizes HTML5 to build cross-platform business apps with native business app performance. Developers using Alpha Anywhere to create mobile apps have often previously used Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder and Delphi, as well as web development tools.

The platform utilizes a single code base across all deployment platforms and these applications can access and integrate with existing databases and web services, and can exploit built-in role-based security, reporting, business charting, scheduling, mapping and geo-location, and advanced media handling. 

With Adobe PhoneGap Build integration, Alpha Anywhere enables app download from popular app stores and direct access to device hardware, such as the accelerometer, device storage, and camera (including bar code scanning). 
Alpha Software offers on-premise and cloud-based hosting, transparent and affordable licensing, and low ongoing operational costs. Alpha Anywhere 3.0is now available for purchase or a 30-day free trial.

Read more: http://www.alphasoftware.com/build-offline-mobile-...

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