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Acision SDK Allows App Developers to Provide Skype and WhatsApp Like Features
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Acision SDK Allows App Developers to Provide Skype and WhatsApp Like Features

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Programming Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Acision has released out of beta its Acision SDK via its forge by Acision API platform. With the Acision SDK, developers can incorporate WebRTC functionality, such as video and voice calling, messaging, content sharing and presence into web and native mobile applications. 

For example, by using Acision’s technology and cloud-based network, companies can integrate click-to-call, video chat or IM messaging capabilities into their online and app presence, which can be part of a premium customer offering, or used to facilitate more complex next-generation service calls. 

With the Acision SDK, developers can create new or enhance pre-existing applications with Skype and WhatsApp like features. The SDKs multiple capabilities, means businesses can incorporate and own a differentiated, two way communications channel with customers making interaction much more meaningful. 

The SDK supports iOS and Android devices as well as web browsers. Key features include:

- Smarter communication: Rich messaging, presence, and audio/video API, enabling app developers to tailor communications to their needs.

- Security: Secure WebRTC media offering messaging, presence, and signaling that are transported over secure HTTP and WebSocket connections.

- Scalable, cloud-based solution: The Acision SDK is deployed in a secure HIPPA certified, elastic-scaling, multi-tenant, public cloud. Also available are private cloud deployments.

- Speed and flexibility: The SDK allows developers to add rich B2B and B2C communications to native mobile and web apps.  Offering a suite of services that are available a la carte, including the ability to integrate Audio & Video Session Control, Presence, Instant Messaging, Document Sharing/ File transfer and SMS Messaging.

Read more: http://www.acision.com/media-hub/press-releases/20...


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