1. Will Closed Smart Device Systems Squeeze Out App Developers
2/19/2014 11:47:58 AM
Will Closed Smart Device Systems Squeeze Out App Developers
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Will Closed Smart Device Systems Squeeze Out App Developers

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ron Beaman Ron Beaman

BMW has recently announced that is creating a program to offer marketing apps to drivers through its future navigation systems. The program is being developed as a potential new feature of the BMW’s ConnectedDrive system.

From the recent release: “In our vision for a virtual marketplace of the future, the vehicle will provide customers with context-adaptive, preference-based and timely offers and information relevant to their route,” says Dr Jörg Preißinger, Project Manager at BMW Group Research and Technology. As a step towards this vision, in spring 2012 BMW Group Research and Technology entered into a joint project with the international software manufacturer SAP. The goal of this research partnership was to develop solutions for context-adaptive, personalized filtering of large volumes of real-time offers generated by location-based service providers. The joint project developed basic technologies for the sample use cases “parking” and “couponing”.

The recent release also states that SAP developed a cloud-based virtual marketplace solution, and BMW Group Research and Technology developed a prototype in-car and BMW backend-based software system for getting information and services from this marketplace to the customer.

It makes sense, and as a developer you might say, “No big deal.” However, the reality is that most developers will never have a chance to get their app in the BMW app ecosystem. And if you just dropped $70K on a new BMW are you going to use your $500 smartphone or your souped–up up sedan to access an app to find coffee or a restaurant?

The point is that as the Internet of Things means that more of the things around us are going to be connected and these smart and (and closed) ecosystems will chip away at the mainstream use of smart phones and tablets.

For more info on BMW’s announcement visit the link below.

Read more: https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/showTextTopi...

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