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XebiaLabs Introduces New Updates to its DevOps and Continuous Delivery Solutions
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XebiaLabs Introduces New Updates to its DevOps and Continuous Delivery Solutions

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Enterprise Wednesday, January 13, 2016

XebiaLabs offers a portfolio of DevOps and continuous delivery software and has announced a new version of its XL Release software release orchestration product offering improvements in the solution’s ability to release orchestration across teams, processes and tools. XL Release allows companies to automate, orchestrate and get visibility into software release pipelines at enterprise scale. 

The new XL Release version provides new features including “Dynamic Data Management” which offers enhanced application lifecycle management (ALM) integration and usability improvements for non-technical users. The update facilitates the ability for teams to dynamically manage the information used in the software release process and simplify how IT teams can manage large and complex software releases. 

The latest 4.8 version of XL Release provides companies with the following capacities: 

- Full control of information between people, processes and tools
- Allows users to more easily automate their releases to a greater degree 
- Provides improved abilities to control release flow in real time
- Helps non-technical people to better interact with the release process
Specific XL Release 4.8 features include: 
- Dynamic data management: New global and release specific variables allow release administrators to more efficiently manage complex releases and update data in real time as it becomes available throughout a release.

-  User-friendly design for non-technical users: Non-technical users can also take a bigger role in getting software out the door and into production by designing more advanced release flows.

- ALM integration: Enhanced integration with Service Management tools such as JIRA and ServiceNow. A new, enhanced JIRA plugin allows users to query open tickets from within XL Release, resolve or comment on them, and then update the tickets in JIRA.

-  Usability enhancements: XL Release 4.8 also includes numerous enhancements that improve the user experience, including an updated user interface and new action menus.
XebiaLabs has also announced the latest version of XL TestView, a test analytics software for data related release decisions. This most recent XL TestView release provides the ability to receive analytics and decision support across testing tools offering the capability to:

- See all test results in a single dashboard
- Analyze test results across multiple test tools
- Track release metrics and quality trends over time
- Use real-time data to make the go/no-go release decisions

Both products releases are available to review now on the XebiaLabs website.

Read more: https://xebialabs.com/products/xl-release/


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