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World Programming Releases Free Edition of Big Data Analytics Software
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World Programming Releases Free Edition of Big Data Analytics Software

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Analytics Friday, April 22, 2016

World Programming has released a free version of the company’s industrial analytics and data science software. The free WPS Express Edition is available for Windows and Mac OS X and includes all the features of the Standard Edition but with a restriction on the volume of data that can be processed. The license is for individuals, not companies, and is not intended for production use.

The Express Edition is appropriate for those interested in learning to analyze data with industrial analytics tools. WPS software offers the ability to create and run SAS language programs and to include R language syntax embedded within SAS syntax. 

With the Express Edition users can learn to connect to files, open Internet data, databases and other data sources, clean, prepare, sort and summarize data, then perform advanced analytical operations prior to presenting, visualizing and reporting, all within one environment. 

WPS is offered as a modular system. Each WPS module contributes additional features to the WPS software:

- Language Modules: Support for SAS language syntax and macros
- Developer Modules: Facilities to customize WPS
- Interface Modules: Features that allow users to interact and use the system
- Data Engine Modules: Access standard databases, data warehouses and numerous data file formats

WPS can read and write to many of the most commonly used data file formats, databases, data warehouses and Hadoop big data environments. It is capable of handling huge data volumes, wherever the processing occurs, be that on a mainframe, in a cloud, cluster, grid, server or workstation.

Read more: https://www.worldprogramming.com/us/products/wps

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