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WildTangent to Launch Unique Mobile App Reservation and Delivery Service
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WildTangent to Launch Unique Mobile App Reservation and Delivery Service

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Marketing & Promotion Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WildTangent has announced a new way for app publishers to let consumers reserve an upcoming app and deliver it them once it launches. 

WildTangent is adding the new app reservation service to it global app distribution and monetization platform to help mobile publishers create a new engagement touchpoint with consumers. The service will allow consumers to reserve an app with a single click, and have it automatically delivered on or before the release date to the reservation holder’s devices. 

With the new app reservation service app publishers will not only be able to capture consumer interest months in advance of app launch, but also monitor demand up to launch, track ad campaign effectiveness and trends, as well as ensure that reservation holders receive it first.

 How it the service works: 

- WildTangent works with publishers to place “Reserve App” ads adjacent to other brand advertising, like videos on news sites or banner ads on sports sites. This could be relevant for a range of apps from games, books, news, sports or apps associated with movies like the Star Wars app. 

- Consumers click the ad to reserve the app during moments of interest in a brand, product or service. After clicking, the ad will read ‘scheduled’ and consumers continue on.   

- Once the app publishes weeks or months later, WildTangent delivers the app automatically to consumers that reserve it and will receive a notification that it has arrived. It removes the hassle for consumers to with search an app store to find the app or even remembering that they wanted the app months earlier.    

The new service provides publishers with an opportunity to allow consumers to connect with apps around mobile media including native, interstitial and banner ads, or alongside a video trailer, press release or news article. The WildTangent app reservation service makes it easier for consumers to get the apps they want without redirecting them to an app store, and provides publishers a new capability to support marketing initiatives. Social, video, media, gaming, messaging, and news app developers may also integrate WildTangent’s technology into their apps and offer their own app queue to users.

Some of the benefits for publishers include:  

- Maximize Ad Spend: Reservation volume and region metrics allow publishers to determine how the app is trending compared to its development, ad spends, and specific ad campaigns.

- Demand generation: Publishers capture real demand for their app or announcement in conjunction with other marketing efforts ahead of a product or service launch.

- Consumer feedback: App Publishers receive feedback from consumers before the app’s release to help determine the features that matter most.

- Social media: Advertisers gain new social media insights with reservation sharing.

Look for the new service to be available this fall.

Read more: http://www.wildtangent.com/Corporate/wildtangent-a...

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