11/19/2013 7:12:27 AM
Vserv.mobi Launches AppWrapper.org One click Integration for Third Party App SDKs
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Vserv.mobi Launches AppWrapper.org One click Integration for Third Party App SDKs

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Android Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vserv.mobi has introduced AppWrapper.org for Android, a new service which offers one-click integration for a number of third party SDKs.

AppWrapper.org is an independent platform for Android developers that brings one-click integration of SDKs across advertising, in-app purchases, analytics, bug tracking and more. The goal of the platform is to automate the SDK integration process and supports development lifecycle services including RTB based Ads, Google Analytics, Flurry, Apsalar, Hockeyapp, Bugsense, AppRater, Cloud2Device Messaging, Crittercism and more.

The platform supports full-screen launch & exit ads, hybrid mediation and In-App purchases in a single click including premium RTB Ads and Google Play Store InApp Purchases. The ability to integrate Google Analytics, Flurry Analytics, ApSalar Analytics and others can measure audience reach, analyze engagement, retentions, conversions, revenue and a lot more.

Developers can gather live crash reports, receive feedback from users, distribute your betas and analyze test coverage using services including BugSense, HockeyApp, and Crittercism. User Engagement: AppRater, Cloud2Device Messaging and other user engagements services can help gain insights into marketing attribution and in-app user behavior.

Read more: http://appwrapper.org/

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