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8/6/2014 3:43:53 PM
Tapjoy Adds New Life Time Value(LTV) Platform with Purchase of 5Rocks
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Tapjoy Adds New Life Time Value(LTV) Platform with Purchase of 5Rocks


Tapjoy Adds New Life Time Value(LTV) Platform with Purchase of 5Rocks

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Tapjoy, a mobile ad-tech and monetization platform, has announced it has purchased 5Rocks, a company that provides a platform for lifetime value (LTV) maximization, analytics and marketing automation.

Tapjoy says the acquisition will allow it to offer a more complete mobile analytics, marketing automation and ad-based monetization solution for mobile freemium app developers, all in one SDK.

5Rocks has primarily provided analytics solutions for game developers in Korea and Japan. The platform uses data algorithms to offer analytics and insights into the real-time behaviors of mobile app users, enabling developers to customize their in-app experience and manage segments of players differently according to real-time metrics. 

Tapjoy management says that by integrating 5Rocks, the company will allow publishers using its nGen monetization platform to identify high-value, highly engaged or at-risk user groups and deliver appropriate messages and advertising offers that help drive maximum value from their users. 

For example, publishers will be able to create automated campaigns to serve specific advertising offers to custom user groups based on recent behaviors such as whether they’ve made an in-app purchase, the number of sessions they’ve completed in the last month, or any other custom criteria that a given publisher may deem an important qualifier for a given marketing message or ad placement.

The 5Rocks’ platform offers:

- User Segmentation engine that can define segments by users’ purchase history, geographical region, device type and other criteria

- Cohort Analysis enabling publishers to group users by in-app behavior, purchase patterns, social activity, referral channel and more

- A/B Testing tools to test the effectiveness of marketing campaigns; 

- An automatic alert system to notify developers when it detects anomalies in their data such as a sudden loss of active users or a big jump in revenue

Read more: http://blog.tapjoy.com/companyupdates/tapjoy-acqui...

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