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10/18/2017 8:23:24 AM
Speeding up your iOS app with a few lines of code
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Speeding up your iOS app with a few lines of code


Speeding up your iOS app with a few lines of code

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Kanwal Sarwar Kanwal Sarwar

Just a few lines of code for DevNet Fast Lane Validation can prioritize your app in an enterprise network.

Susie Wee, CTO of Cisco DevNet, blogged about the Apple and Cisco partnership just a few months ago. The announcement covered the DevNet Fast Lane Validation for iOS developers and how just adding a few lines of code to an iOS app can get it priority on an enterprise network!

This is important. When deploying new services, enterprises want to make sure that the applications critical to the productivity of their employees or their customer’s experience get priority treatment. We all know that not all apps have the same importance to a business, and that latency sensitive services like voice and video greatly benefit from a little VIP treatment on a network. Often however, the hard part is creating a full enterprise environment with the right infrastructure to ensure that the right apps are operating most efficiently, and the iOS device is being prioritized on the network. Think of it as giving high priority apps a ‘Fast lane’ on the network.

Many developers are working day and night on business-critical apps that affect areas like healthcare and hospitality. That’s why Cisco DevNet supports third party iOS app developers in validating that their mobile apps are accurately tagged for QoS, so they can be optimized for Wi-Fi, and prioritized for Cisco Wi-Fi networks. We call it the “Fast Lane Validation Program” and it offers key benefits to developers.

Fast Lane Validation Program Offers:

  • No External code dependencies: Simply add service type (QoS markings) in your iOS app. iOS 10+ already understands can honor these markings to prioritize traffic accordingly.
  • Improve performance: Significantly improve the performance of your business critical, real-time data, voice, and video applications. This performance improvement is already enabled on Cisco and Meraki access points.
  • Wide user access: Nearly half of all global, enterprise Wi-Fi networks run on Cisco. That means your app can reach people on Cisco networks are in all manner of enterprises - buildings, malls, stadiums, hospitals, campuses…
  • It’s free: There’s no cost to Fast lane enable your app. It is part of the Apple and Cisco partnership to accelerate mobile transformation and supported on Cisco Enterprise wireless networks and iOS devices running the latest software

Once you have made the code changes to your app, you want to test to see if your changes really work in a Fast lane network, right? Again, Cisco DevNet can help. DevNet has a Fast lane validation lab where you as a developer can submit your app for validation on a live enterprise network. An iOS app developer can verify their iOS app functionality on Cisco infrastructure without having to spend thousands of dollars on a test bed! DevNet provides a Cisco enterprise and cloud-managed Cisco Meraki infrastructure test beds for testing QoS tagging of their apps. Interested developers can now learn hands-on on how Fast lane improves app performance and communicate directly with the Cisco DevNet team via our website.

Cisco DevNet invites all app developers working on enterprise apps to reach out to us and get started with the validation. Completing the validation gives you an opportunity to obtain a “Cisco Compatible” logo to identify that your apps are ready for the fast lane on Cisco enterprise networks. We can help you get your iOS apps validated and marketed to the enterprise audience.

Reaching us is easy…go to https://developer.cisco.com/site/apple
Let DevNet help you make your apps Fast lane enabled free of cost!

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