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Sony Introduces Xperia Z2 Waterproof Smartphone, Tablet
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Sony Introduces Xperia Z2 Waterproof Smartphone, Tablet

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Mobile Tech Monday, February 24, 2014

How do you upgrade your old iPhone? My wife decided to drop hers in the toilet and viola, its time for a new phone. With Sony’s newly introduced Android powered waterproof Xperia Z2, there may be a gross out factor retrieving your phone from a watery grave, but you probably won’t have to go out and buy a replacement.

The Xperia Z2 combines Sony’s camera and camcorder technologies, TRILUMINOS Display for mobile with Live Color LED, digital noise cancelling technology and OmniBalance design. A new enhanced video mode captures and preserves video in 4K resolution, and SteadyShot image stabilization helps ensure footage stays smooth and clear, even if when walking. The Xperia Z2 will launch globally in March 2014.

Sony also introduced the Xperia Z2 Tablet which they are touting as the world’s slimmest and lightest waterproof tablet. The tablet shares many of the earlier mentioned Xperia Z2 smartphone attributes. At launch it will be supported by a number of accessories, including BSC10 Bluetooth Speaker dock with Magnetic Charging Pad and the BRH10 Bluetooth Remote with Handset Function, to boost the movie and gaming experience. The Xperia Z2 Tablet will also hit markets worldwide in March 2014.

Sony also introduced the mid-range Xperia M2 smartphone with OmniBalance design, 8MP camera with Exmor RS for mobile, fast processor performance, 4G LTE connectivity and a long-lasting battery. XperiaM2 will be available worldwide in April 2014.

First introduced at CES, Sony’s new SmartBand SWR10 is the first product based around what Sony calls “three core pillars” – Lifelogging, “Wearing smart” and “Life tools.” Not sure what all that means, but none the less, the new device will debut in March.

For more information, check out the link below.

Read more: http://blogs.sonymobile.com/press_release/sony-mob...

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