1. Sick of Waiting For App Store Review Optimizely Opens Beta
4/22/2014 9:03:30 AM
Sick of Waiting For App Store Review Optimizely Opens Beta
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Sick of Waiting For App Store Review Optimizely Opens Beta

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Marketing & Promotion Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Optimizely for iOS is an optimization platform for native iOS apps that allows developers to push once and iterate daily, without waiting for App Store review. Optimizely for iOS is now available in beta.

With Optimizely for iOS developers can make visual changes to an app in real time with no code required. The one-time installation lets developers get started and the platform provides the ability to roll out visual changes immediately without waiting for App Store review.

The new iOS product will be available through the new Optimizely Developer Platform, with an updated set of APIs and developer tools. One of the new product features includes Audiences, which will allow users to deliver targeted and relevant experiences to their visitors. An Audience is a set of visitor targeting conditions that can be saved and reused to power advanced personalization campaigns. 

Personalized campaigns can become more specific to customer data through a new integration partnership with BlueKai. Customers can create and build specific audiences in Optimizely using BlueKai data for targeting and reporting.

A revamped results page provides an at-a-glance visual of key goals, variations and their performance. With the new page, Optimizely has also made it possible to launch winning variations in a single click, directly from the results experience. 

Optimizely has also created Optiverse, a defined space sponsored by the company for people to share their ideas and best practices, as well as sharing their questions to a group of like-minded peers. Developers who are active in Optiverse will have the opportunity to lend expertise as well as learn what testing ideas and strategies have worked well for others.

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