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4/29/2016 10:07:01 AM
SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud Offers New Open Data Exchange Platform for IoT
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SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud Offers New Open Data Exchange Platform for IoT


SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud Offers New Open Data Exchange Platform for IoT

Friday, April 29, 2016

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Samsung today announced the SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud, offering an new open data exchange platform designed to connect devices and applications. The platform provides open APIs and tools to securely collect, store, and act on any data from any connected device or cloud service. 

Using these APIs and tools, companies can bring new Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and services to market. The SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud is commercially available now with a tiered pricing model that developers can start using it for free,
The SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud is part of the SAMSUNG ARTIK family of integrated IoT modules, which are open platform offering integrated production-ready modules, advanced software, development boards, drivers, tools, security features, and cloud.  

Companies face numerous challenges when connecting different devices and cloud services together into unified experiences. These challenges include: collecting data from a diverse set of devices using a variety of protocols; enabling legacy, new, and third-party devices and cloud services to interact with each other with minimal effort; storing data from siloed devices in a single location and deriving meaningful insights; managing data security and privacy; and providing developers with easy-to-use APIs and tools. 

The ARTIK Cloud facilitates the connection of all devices including those powered by ARTIK modules and by other modules. With ARTIK Cloud, companies can collect, store, and act on any data from any connected device or cloud service. The platform uses open APIs to ingest and query data, and tools to visualize and act on the data to build new innovative IoT apps and services. 
The SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud is highly scalable, with an architecture designed to support the billions of IoT devices expected in the next few years, while keeping latency low to enabling fast interactions.
The platform offers device and data interoperability through the ability to enable devices to communicate with other devices or cloud services through:

- Device Manifests: Onboard any device using a universal language to describe device states and actions.

- Multi-Protocol Connectors: Connect any device to the cloud using multiple protocols – REST/HTTP, Websockets, MQTT, and CoAP.

- Cloud Connectors: Connect to any cloud service and collect data from it.

- Heterogeneous Data Collection: Collect any data (continuous, discrete, real time, or historical) from any device or 3rd party cloud.

- Two Way Communication: Securely exchange messages between device and cloud, even on low power devices such as wearables and end-node sensors.

- Data Normalization and Analytics: Gain fast access to data, statistics, and aggregations with multiple backends to store, replicate, and index data.
The ARTIK Cloud can secure device, app, and user interactions and protect data privacy through:

-  Secure Device Registration: Securely connect devices to the cloud using TLS, secure element, and certificates issued by a trusted certificate authority.

- Authentication and Authorization: Secure every device, app, and user interaction with open Internet standards based authentication and authorization.

- Privacy Management: Protect data privacy with built-in identity and permissions management.
Available developer tools allow developers to build new IoT apps using open APIs, SDKs, and tools including:

- Universal Data Access APIs: Collect, and query data from disparate devices using open APIs.

- SDKs: Enable developers to easily build apps and services using a number of mobile and platform SDKs: Objective C / iOS, Java / Android, JavaScript, Swift, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, and C#; as well as Tizen 3.0 when released.

- Rules Engine: Easily trigger cross-device actions and alerts with a powerful built in rules engine.

- Visualization Tools: Visualize data from disparate devices in context.

- Developer Portal: Increase developer productivity with self-service access to rich API documentation, API console, blogs, samples, forums, and more.

- API-first: Manage and extend platform entities using built-in REST APIs.

Read more: https://artik.cloud/

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