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1/17/2023 2:07:36 PM
SaaS will be all about specialization in 2023
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SaaS will be all about specialization in 2023

Cloud Services

SaaS will be all about specialization in 2023

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Brittany Hainzinger Brittany Hainzinger

Amit Rathi, Vice President of Engineering at Virtana explains why SaaS will be all about specialization in 2023, plus why it will be critical for organizations to have the right infrastructure and tools in place to effectively manage data & operations in a multi-cloud environment, and much more.

Most cloud providers have become comparable in basic capabilities and there is very little to differentiate them. The journey from here is going to be about specialization. Companies will need to start diving a little deeper into the key value they are looking for and which cloud provider can provide it best. For example, for some AI and ML capabilities, there may be a specific cloud that has a significant upper hand or for PaaS, there could be another cloud that delivers a significant discount based on the previous usage.

SaaS will be all about specialization in 2023

For organizations to drive the value needed to stay competitive it will be critical to have the right infrastructure and tools in place to effectively manage data & operations in a multi-cloud environment.

Cloud cost management will give companies the upper hand

Cost and resource optimization is going to be key for 2023. Considering the potential economic uncertainty, most companies want to have detailed insights into their cloud spending and the ability to control the spending and optimize its resource utilization. Driven by digital transformation over the last few years companies have adopted multiple clouds based on their individual business needs. As a result, most companies have very little insight into spend, the correlation with business applications, and potential cost savings possibilities. As organizations start to drive towards cloud adoption maturity that is coupled with business pressure on reduced spending, the companies who have a proactive approach will have a significant upper hand in dealing with uncertainty.

Amit Rathi

Amit Rathi is Vice President of Engineering at Virtana. He leads all aspects of development, testing, DevOps, support, and cloud operations for Virtana's products. Amit brings a strong software engineering, customer-centric background, and 20+ years of experience in Virtana’s specific Information Technology Operations Management (ITOM) domain. Amit recently spent 12 years at BMC Software, building enterprise on-premises and SaaS projects, delivering customer-centric product experiences, and developing high-quality products. Throughout his career, Amit has been responsible for transforming legacy products into high-quality solutions that deliver outcomes for customers. He has built new SaaS services from scratch, and designed and created a scalable architecture for enterprise solutions.

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