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raw engineering Releases the contentstack.io Mobile first Enterprise Content Management System
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raw engineering Releases the contentstack.io Mobile first Enterprise Content Management System

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

raw engineering has released contentstack.io, a mobile-first content management system (CMS) for the enterprise. contentstack.io provides the ability for an enterprises to accelerate content delivery across all web properties, web apps, mobile sites and mobile apps.

Built on top raw engineering’s mobile platform built.io, contentstack.io facilitates publishing content to a website that can be directly consumed and displayed by a mobile app. Companies can use the built.io platform to create and embed web applications and use contentstack.io to manage content across these apps as well as the website.

Content can now be published and changed directly by business users in seconds, without requiring the need to change code. contentstack.io provides access controls and role management so that only authorized users can change content and any updates adhere to company policies and follow approved templates.

Features of contentstack.io include:

- Parallel publishing to multiple platforms (smartphone, tablet, smartwatch)
- Content stored and shared via mobile-friendly format
- Ability to customize look, feel, organization and behavior separately from content
- Versioning and rollback
- Authentication and access management
- Workflow for content review and approval
- Multi-site management
- Multi-language support
- Scheduled publishing
- Real-time integration with 3rd party systems via APIs

Read more: http://contentstack.io


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