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7/29/2015 9:23:13 AM
Productivity Hacks for Enterprise App Development
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Productivity Hacks for Enterprise App Development


Productivity Hacks for Enterprise App Development

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

In the case of mobilizing the enterprise, the nonstop introduction of new mobile technologies is placing more and more pressure on development teams as they struggle to update and transition legacy systems.

And while mobile provides an opportunity to significantly increase the efficiency of a company’s workforce and engagement with customers, the mobilization of the enterprise presents unique challenges as development teams are tasked with increasing access to information, streamlining workflows and speeding responsiveness.

Using productivity hacks is one way that developers can enhance efficiency and output within the enterprise development process. Nexaweb has published a white paper, Six Productivity Hacks for the Enterprise Developer, which provides (as the title suggests) six hacks that developers can use to improve productivity. 

As a cross-platform development platform, you’d expect that Nexaweb would talk about utilizing a cross-platform approach and they do. However, they also provide insight based on working with a number of companies struggling with mobile initiatives. For example, Nexaweb forewarns of the hazards of creating new solutions that rely on proprietary development techniques - as in the long run these technologies can create much more work in the future and may become obsolete – as many legacy systems are today.

With the proliferation of tools available, development teams should not lose sight of the fact that it’s not about the process, it’s about the end result. And with the six productivity hacks outlined in the white paper, you’ll get insights into how to get the right end result, all while make life easier for your development team.

Read more: http://nexaweb.com/resource/

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