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Postgres support has been unvieled for Toad Edge
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Postgres support has been unvieled for Toad Edge

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in Open Source Thursday, June 21, 2018

PostgreSQL will be included in the next update of Toad Edge by Quest Software to help database administrators manage their Postgres-based open source databases.

Quest Software unveiled the commercial release of Toad Edge 2.0, which adds support for Postgres. Toad Edge enables developers and database administrators to reduce the time and effort required to develop, manage and maintain Postgres-based open source databases while helping produce optimal performance.

A recent report estimates that more than 70% of new in-house applications will be developed on an open source database management system (OSDBMS), and 50 percent of existing commercial relational database instances will have been converted or will be in the process of converting to open source by the end of this year. With the continued growth of open source systems comes the need for commercially available development and management tooling that helps developers and DBAs implement, manage and build applications within these systems.

Toad Edge is a lightweight toolset that makes it easy for database professionals to ramp-up their PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres expertise. This new release comes on the heels of recently added Toad Edge support for MariaDB and MySQL. It equips developer teams and DBAs with the tools to help address common challenges associated with OSDBMSs, such as meeting project functionality and scalability requirements, and managing various types of projects with differing timelines and dispersed teams.

Key Toad Edge features include:

  • Schema Compare Capability: Identify and manage differences and initiate changes in real time with customizable, dynamic schema compare.
  • Object Explorer: Intuitive graphical interface helps database professionals easily interact with their database objects.
  • Object Search: Find any object in the database with simple text, wildcards, multiple values and regular expressions.
  • Toad Edge Jenkins plugin: Achieve continuous database integration within DevOps workflows by automating Database Lifecycle Management tasks from within Jenkins.
  • SQL Worksheet: A SQL writing interface that includes first-rate features, such as Content Assist to suggest keywords and templates, Outline Views to browse object details in context, and SQL recall.
  • SQL Monitor: Displays all internal and user-executed SQL queries, along with execution times and error descriptions.
  • OS flexibility: Supports both Windows and Mac OS X.


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