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Parse Releases PHP SDK Offering a Company First for Server Side Language
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Parse Releases PHP SDK Offering a Company First for Server Side Language

Monday, August 11, 2014

Parse has released the Parse PHP SDK, which will enable Parse integration for a whole new class of apps and different use cases. This is the company’s first SDK for a server-side language and the first to be truly open-source.

Before the new SDK, if a developer wanted to access Parse from PHP, the REST API was the only option. Now everything needed to build PHP scripts and sites is available with the SDK which provides the ability to store data, manage users, send push notifications, track analytics, and more in just a few lines of code. And it can be integrated it into a new or existing PHP app.

The Parse platform provides a backend solution for mobile applications with a goal of eliminating the need for managing servers and writing server-side code. The PHP SDK is for those applications and situations where server-side code is necessary, or simply preferred.

The Parse PHP SDK is fully open source, and anyone can contribute to make it better, or make their own changes if necessary. Check out the GitHub repository for more information.

For a fast overview of the SDK, check out the README file. Parse has updated their documentation with a new PHP guide and added a PHP Quickstartwith installation instructions.

Read more: https://parse.com/docs/php_guide


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