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9/13/2018 9:01:54 AM
PagerDuty Summit 2018 brings big changes
PagerDuty Summit 2018,Business Analytics,Enterprise Software
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PagerDuty Summit 2018 brings big changes


PagerDuty Summit 2018 brings big changes

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

At PagerDuty Summit 2018, PagerDuty has released two big new additions to their digital operations management platform and expanded the use of their platform to now tailor their user experience based on a companies level of digital maturity.

At PagerDuty's signature event, PagerDuty Summit 2018, the company has brought together an impressive list of enterprise development specialists to San Francisco, CA. And in addition to all of the speaker presentation and demos, the company has also unveiled many new company announcements targeted right at making enterprise more business aware and capable of making decisions based on accurate insights.

PagerDuty is set to release two new products to extend its digital operations management platform: PagerDuty Visibility and PagerDuty Analytics. New additions that will provide IT professionals, technical responders, and business owners a shared, real-time view into operational health and operational insights for business by combining machine and human response data collected over time to drive better business outcomes.

“Every business is engaged in some form of digital transformation, with the focus on delivering delightful digital brand experiences,” said Rachel Obstler, vice president of product at PagerDuty. “Leaders need new proactive solutions that connect operational performance to customer and business impact. PagerDuty Visibility and PagerDuty Analytics provide actionable information so business and technical teams can deliver best-in-class customer experiences.”

According to a Ponemon Institute study, 79 percent of executives say executive-level involvement is necessary to achieve an effective incident response, while 70 percent indicate that poor communications are a barrier and less than half are kept informed about the process. Both technical and business stakeholders across the organization need a shared view of how technical incidents impact digital experiences to proactively do the right thing for the business in real time.

Which is why PagerDuty says that their new Visibility offerings will help empower the issue owner to prioritize efforts based on business and customer outcomes and accurately communicate business impact and operational health to the affected teams. But communication is not the only contributing factor that contributes to a successful business outcome. Which is why PagerDuty looks to its new Analytics offerings looks to fill in the blanks with intelligent data gathering and reporting mixed with their own unique blend of machine learning.

"PagerDuty Analytics includes prebuilt, modern metrics (e.g., mean time to mobilize, time without major incident, cost of response, and more), prescriptive dashboards, and self-service analytics coupled with industry best practices and peer benchmarking. Insights offered by this product align with the new PagerDuty digital operations maturity model to help customers drive better business results."

PagerDuty has also made the announcement that they have expanded their platform to select to remove the friction for organizations to select products and plans based on their digital operation needs.

Companies can now choose from the following product plans depending on their level of digital maturity:

  • Platform Team - Designed for customers that want to deploy PagerDuty to a single team within the organization.
  • Platform Business - Designed for customers that want to scale PagerDuty to multiple teams across the organization and who require increased security, availability, and scalability.
  • Enterprise - Designed for customers who are further along in their digital maturity journey.

“Our customers are accelerating their adoption of PagerDuty across a broad range of use cases, from DevOps and ITOps, to Security and Support,” said Jennifer Tejada, CEO of PagerDuty. “Our goal with the new modular platform is to reduce friction and make it even easier for customers of all sizes to take advantage of PagerDuty and rapidly realize business value.”

Read more: https://www.pagerduty.com/summit/

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