1. Over 270 IT Job Descriptions Available in 2016 HandiGuide
4/20/2016 12:06:48 PM
Over 270 IT Job Descriptions Available in 2016 HandiGuide
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Over 270 IT Job Descriptions Available in 2016 HandiGuide

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Developer Jobs Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The “2016 Internet and IT Position Descriptions HandiGuide” offers job descriptions and organization charts that define virtually every employment aspect for IT departments.

Offered in 750 pages, the publication includes sample organization charts, a job progression matrix, and 273 Internet and IT job descriptions. The book addresses all mandated requirements, including the ADA, and is in an easy to use format.

The IT job descriptions are offered in MS WORD format and are between two to six pages in length. All of the positions in the book have been created to reflect the technology world of 2016.

Also included with the HandiGuide are tools to help expand, evaluate and define a company’s IT employment requirements. Those tools include:

- Job Evaluation Questionnaire
- Position Description Questionnaire
- Job Progression Matrix (Job Family Classifications)
- Sexual Harassment and other key employment issues
- Best Practices for resume screening
- Best Practices for phone screening
- Employee Termination Checklist (Electronic Form)

The IT job descriptions have been updated to be compliant with PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, CobiT, and the ITIL standards.  The job descriptions are all structured to focus on "Best Practices" as defined by the IT Productivity Center to meet the requirements of World Class Enterprises.

The publication can be purchased as a PDF Book, Word Book or as individual word files for each Job Description (in Word .docx format) which makes for easier modification.

Read more: http://www.e-janco.com/Job_Book.htm