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Okta Releases New API Security Platform
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Okta Releases New API Security Platform

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in API Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Okta has released a new platform to provide API security and access management for businesses that are building products, sharing data with partners, and enabling third-party developer ecosystems. 

In a statement on the introduction of the new platform, The Okta said, “The new API Access Management product solves modern challenges for both developers and IT. Every API developer must define which apps, devices and people can connect to an API, and how. Additionally, IT leaders must enable developer productivity across disparate teams while implementing consistent security controls over sensitive systems of record.”

The company also stated, “While OAuth 2.0 has become the modern standard for API authorization, organizations still working with traditional solutions face significant challenges, including the costs of operating, scaling and securing on-prem software, and the complexity of maintaining fragmented custom-coded policies. With this new capability fully integrated to the Okta Identity Cloud, IT leaders and developers can now, for the first time, centrally maintain one identity and one set of permissions for any employee, customer or partner, across every point of access: app, API or device.”

Okta API Access Management includes:

- OAuth 2.0 API authorization. Okta API Access Management has standard-compliant OAuth 2.0 support for any app or service.

- Flexible identity-driven policy engine. Designed for every type of user and service, Okta API Access Management leverages Okta’s core policy engine so administrators can define access policies based on user profile, group membership, network zone, device, client, user or administrator consent. Access is granted and revoked in real-time as administrators change user permissions.

- Centralized administration across APIs. The user-friendly console in Okta API Access Management allows for consistent creation, maintenance and audit of API access policies based on native identity objects without custom code.

- Partnership with API management vendors. Okta API Access Management has compatibility with API management solutions from Apigee and MuleSoft.

Read more: https://www.okta.com/products/developer/#APIAccess...

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