1. Now Create Just Once for all Android Devices on Mag+
5/31/2013 12:52:59 PM
Now Create Just Once for all Android Devices on Mag+
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Now Create Just Once for all Android Devices on Mag+

Now Create Just Once for all Android Devices on Mag+

Ron Beaman Ron Beaman in Android Friday, May 31, 2013

Mobile Publishing Pioneer Drives Next Wave To Create Android Apps. 4.2 Also Includes Several New iOS, Monetization and Production Tool Workflow Features

New York, London, Stockholm, May 30, 2013-Today, Mag+ continues its push to be the most innovative and flexible platform for digital publishing and mobile app development. To address the Android device proliferation, with its myriad of screen sizes, Mag+ today introduced scalable Android issues, which means designers can create android apps by creating one design for all Android tablets or phones, with minimum loss in quality. Mag+ is also rolling out several new features that will speed time to market and increase creative freedom. 

Budget, time and audience fragmentation can make it impractical to create Android apps specifically for every new Android device released. To help its clients manage resources while pushing quickly into this rapidly growing space, Mag+ has ensured that one 1280x800-pixel design will scale up or down in high quality for any Android device, including Kindle Fire tablets. Similarly, a single phone-optimized design can cover all Android phones. 

"Mag+ listens to its customers and always responds to this rapidly changing industry with features that reduce their headaches while increasing mobile success," said Mike Haney, co-founder and chief creative officer of Mag+. "The new features in Mag+ streamline development and the scalable Android issues allow our clients to reach more users while cutting away approximately 80 percent of the design time." 

New iOS Feature Highlights: Overlay layer, AdMarvel SDK integration, Swipe Slideshows in InDesign

Overlay Layer Option:  Further expanding the possibilities of digital design, the new overlay layer is a permanent layer of content that sits over the top of the issue. This makes it easy to create a custom navigation bar, permanent help button or even a cool mask over the pages. A great example can be seen in the street fashion brand WeSC on their new Mag+ app.

 Swipe Slideshows in InDesign: You can now create swipe slideshows natively within the InDesign plug-in, with options for looping, auto play, indicators and transition effects, instead of building these in HTML.

AdMarvel: To help Mag+ customers better monetize their apps, Mag+ now features integration with AdMarvel and AdMob. These networks enable publishers and operators to place dynamic advertising in their issues

Production Tool Streamlined:

On the quest to constantly make digital design faster, easier and less tedious, Mag+ has also improved its issue-creation tool with new features for quickly creating multiple issue files for different devices, as well as providing new views on the issue. 

To learn more about how Mag+ is helping you create Android apps with a design once model, and to explore several other iOS features and options such as subscription and scrubber disabling, and to get more details on the new production tool views, please visit our blog.

About Mag+:
Mag+ is a complete digital publishing ecosystem comprised of a plug-in for InDesign CS4-CS6, a powerful web-based backend, and white-labeled reader apps for iOS, Android and Kindle devices. Mag+ pioneered touchscreen publishing on the first iPad and remains the fastest, simplest publishing platform for creating content optimized for mobile devices, without the need for programming skills. For those creating custom mobile apps, the Mag+ App SDK allows developers to build on top of our core components, saving hundreds of man-hours of coding.

From publishers to catalogue marketers, design agencies and app developers, Mag+ is ideal for anyone wanting to bring beautiful, immersive content to the millions using the new generation of digital devices. Clients in a range of industries have now built more than 1000 innovative apps, including Toyota, New York Magazine, WeSC, Hemispheres (United Airlines), Shape and The Nation. Mag+ also offers consultancy and creative services via Mag+ Studios. 

Read more: http://www.magplus.com

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